Fishing Boat Wraps

Fishing boat wraps can transform your boat into a stunning work of art.

Kraken Octopus Design Fishing Boat Wrap

Vinyl wraps for fishing boats are a great way to promote your business or simply have some fun and express your unique personality.

Out-of-this-world full colour graphics will make your fishing boat stand out from the crowd and can enhance its resale value.

Premium quality UV-protected vinyl wraps will enhance your boat’s resale value.

Vinyl boat wraps protect your boat’s existing paintwork and can totally transform and rejuvenate even the most jaded and tired-looking boat.

Professional vinyl wraps are an extremely cost-effective way to give your fishing boat a complete makeover and it’s far cheaper than a re-paint.

Boat Wrap Reef Fishing

Fishing boat wraps offer so many benefits including:

  • Showcasing commercial products, and services
  • Protecting new boat paint finishes
  • Making a truly unique personal statement
  • Bringing tired old boats back to life
  • Increasing the resale value of your boat
Tribal Barramundi Boat Wraps

The exceptional quality of the Avery 1105 Gloss UV Laminated, Avery supreme wrap or 3M 1080c vinyl wraps that we use ensure your wrap will deliver exceptional durability, image quality, and colour brilliance.

Sealy Signs offers an infinite variety of fishing boat wrap design options; you can dream up your own inspired creation, work with our expert graphic designers or choose one of the stunning designs.

Boat Wrap Crocodile Graphic Design

Can you wrap any type of fishing boat?

If it floats we can wrap it.

At Sealy Signs no boat is too small, large or old to wrap. We wrap all types and sizes of fishing boats including:

  • Aluminium or fibreglass
  • Bass & Skeeter boats
  • Tinnies and runabouts
  • Game boats
Boat Wrap Trout Design

Size or awkward hull design is no challenge for our experienced design team who are experts at creating extraordinarily beautiful designs for all hull types.

Sealy Signs fishing boat wraps deliver exceptional impact whether you simply want a little bit more than the boat name and registration on your runabout or you’re running a professional big game fishing operation and need to make your company stand out.

Skull Flower boat wrap

We can transform your fishing boat

We can do quarter, half, or full wraps

We can create a wrap that focuses on only the cabin and we can also wrap your trailer with the same eye-catching designs for a consistent look.

We use the latest industry-leading high quality materials, printing processes and inks. These offer outstanding UV and salt protection for exceptional durability and colour fastness even under the toughest Australian marine conditions.

Octapus Design Fishing Boat Wrap

Can I create my own design?

Yes, of course you can.

Our design team can help you transform any design you choose into a spectacular fishing boat wrap. You can also choose from the exceptional award-winning artwork from any of the internationally acclaimed marine artists.

Names such as Nick Laferriere, Jason Mathias, Craig Bertram, and Jordy Gibson hand-produce premium art quality boat wraps that are as fantastical as they are unique.

Choose from larger than life surreal imagery with stunning plays of colour and light, tribal flavoured imagery that hearkens back to those very human primal fishing urges or go for something completely different in fish skeleton art with attitude.

Boat Wrap White Marlin Design

Design Considerations

Professional fishing boat wrap design is complex.

Professional fishing boat wrap design is a lot more complex than simply putting a logo or image on a decal and sticking it on your boat.

We take into account the boat’s hull design and how the design will sit whether the boat is stationary in the water or planning at speed.

Gunwale length, chine and hull curvature all play a role in image size and placement. You don’t want these stunning images to be squeezed into too tight a space on the bow nor do you want them to be too small so that the story of the design is lost.

We’ll also incorporate your boat name and registration in creative ways.

Compass Design Fishing Boat Wrap

Fish Wrap Gallery

You can see a range of the beautiful Fish Wreck fishing boat wrap designs here. We can incorporate any combination of these images into something that uniquely reflects the part fishing plays in your life.

The Sealy Signs Difference

Sealy Signs uses state of the art printing processes and materials to produce high quality art wraps that will keep on looking great for years to come. We seal all edges exposed to salt water with a high performance 3M salt water sealant.

We’ll also seal high wearing areas such chine, bow and gunwale edges to reduce the risk of edges lifting. Sealy Signs’ boat wraps are designed to last and to keep your fishing boat looking its best.

With a Sealy Signs attention-grabbing fishing boat wrap you’ll catch a lot more than just fish.

Outstanding print quality

Sealy Signs use Roland Tru-vis inks– the industry’s gold standard in ink quality.

Educated & Experienced Team

Poor quality vinyl wraps can harm your business image, that’s why it makes sense to use the professionals.

Rapid Turnaround

We have multiple installation teams capable of turning around large vehicle fleets promptly.

Professional Cleaning

At Sealy Signs we’ll make sure the surface is professionally cleaned to ensure optimal wrap adherence.

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