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The research is clear: vinyl vehicle wraps and outdoor signage are the most effective ways to sell your product and brand.

But not all vehicle wrap companies are created equal. Sealy Signs offers you real expertise, premium quality vinyls, inks and installation processes as well as a superior graphic design team to ensure your wraps tell your story the way you want it.

Quality vehicle wraps can generate 100s of thousands of impressions every day. And when you have a quality product or service you need advertising to match.

It’s all about showing your customers what a difference you can make to their lives. Sealy Signs can use vivid colours, larger than life graphics, humour, and clever design to sell your story.

Poor quality vinyl wraps can harm your business image, that’s why it makes sense to use the professionals: Sealy Signs. Take your brand advertising ROI to the next level; invest in a Sealy Signs vinyl wrap and see the difference.

Poor quality vinyl wraps can harm your business image

that’s why it makes sense to use the professionals: Sealy Signs.

6 Reasons why people notice Sealy Signs vehicle wraps

Exceptional installation

The Sealy Signs difference is obvious in every step of the installation process. We’ll start by removing all headlamps, window rubbers, mirrors, door handles, tail lights and badges so that our technicians can fold the wrap neatly into every corner and recess of the vehicle.

The edges are precisely and professionally trimmed –a job that requires great skill and experience. Once the wrap is installed we then carefully reinstall all the parts. This keeps the wrap locked tightly into place and prevents any water or dust seeping under edges and causing edge lifting.

We minimise the stretching of film to avoid film popping out of corrugations and potential bubbling and cracking. And finally, we ensure the memory of the vinyl is reset with correct heating procedures.

Accredited Installers

Nathan is one of only a handful of accredited installers for Avery products in the Sydney region.

That means you benefit from the most up-to-date knowledge and best practices that come direct from the manufacturers.

Rapid Turnaround

We have multiple installation teams capable of turning around large vehicle fleets promptly. We aim to get your vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.

Superior materials

We use only the most trusted vinyls in the business. Our premium range Avery vinyls deliver exceptional durability and colour-fast performance. You can also take advantage of special U.V laminates that protect your graphics against UV damage and everyday wear and tear.

Outstanding print quality

Sealy Signs use Roland Tru-vis inks– the industry’s gold standard in ink quality.

Our precision software ensures absolute consistency across a full range of font types, sizes and special effects so you know your message is going to look great everywhere.

Professional Cleaning

The Sealy Signs visible difference starts with the professional cleaning of your vehicles. It’s critically important to remove any oil, grease or dirt from the existing paintwork.

Failure to do this correctly is a major cause of vehicle wrap failures. At Sealy Signs we’ll make sure the surface is professionally cleaned to ensure optimal wrap adherence.

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