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Custom Wall Graphics, Sydney, NSW

Custom printed wall graphics or decals can unleash the power of glorious colour and image to transform any wall anywhere.

Eye-opening 3-D graphics, murals, larger than life photo montages or message panels play an important part in creating the environment you want in your commercial premises.

Sealy Signs are the experts when it comes to optimising commercial wall space with custom vinyl wall stickers and stick-on signs.

Our custom wall stickers will showcase your brand and get people talking and are ideal for any commercial, institutional space.

Easy to install wall art stickers have the power to transform your business or work space, improve employee productivity, and inform customers and clients.

What Are The Benefits Of Wall Graphics?

Easy to install wall art stickers have the power to transform your business or workspace, improve employee productivity, and inform customers and clients.

You can think of custom wall art stickers as the perfect way to maximise your commercial real estate.

You’ve paid for those walls; don’t waste them.
Power your brand impact by using every available centimetre of your shop’s wall space.

You’ve heard the saying: a picture paints 1,000 words.

Well, easy to install wall art stickers are the ideal way to instantly get your message across to your audience.

The research is clear: colour choice in interior decorating can have an enormous impact on employee productivity and customer mood.

Colours can inspire, motivate and soothe frazzled nerves as well as reduce fatigue. 

Colourful vinyl wall decals can spark creativity and boost collaboration.

Wall graphics can reduce harsh glare from highly reflective surfaces and soften institution type structures and paint schemes.

Vinyl wall decals can instantly and cheaply transform a drab, tired looking interior.

Easy to install vinyl wall art is a highly cost-effective way to try out a new paint scheme and the special non-damaging adhesive means removal is also easy.

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Brand recognition that will cause someone to think of your company when they need your product

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Wall Graphics for Semantic Software Sydney Client

Where Can I Use Custom Wall Graphics?

Custom designed and printed wall graphics can be used in so many ways and places; you’re really only limited by your imagination.

  • Custom wall decals are perfect for offices, shops, educational institutions, libraries, medical centres, sports facilities, and even in your home as well.
  • Establish a sense of privacy by using vinyl wall stickers where work spaces are separated by glass panels. 
  • You can get a really good balance in goldfish bowl type offices between allowing light in, protecting worker’s privacy and yet retaining some openness.
  • Create a relaxing environment in dentist or doctor’s waiting room walls
    Publish your company or brand values in colourful memorable ways so that your employees and your customers are constantly reminded of just how good it is to be involved in such a great company
  • Transform institution type corridors with rejuvenating and inspirational wall art or photo montages—think peaceful forest or uplifting mountain scenes
  • Provide educational graphics for gyms and yoga studios

    There are just so many ways you can use Sealy Signs custom vinyl wall decals to lift your business beyond the ordinary.

How Long Will The Wall Graphics Last?

Sealy Signs offer high quality vinyl graphics that will last for up to 7 years.

All graphics are laminated with a matte finish that is scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Sealy Signs uses only the best quality products from 3M and Avery.

Are Vinyl Wall Graphics Easy To Install?

Yes, Sealy Signs wall graphics and stickers are easy to install and feature a special bubble-free adhesive.

We can also do the installation for you. We can create and install any shape or size wall decals to amplify your message or to fit those awkward places.

We can use your imagery and text or you can make the most of our expert design team.

Either way, a Sealy Signs custom wall decal will lift your business environment to a new level.

Tell Me More About Good Colour Choices For My Business

Everyone knows just how important a good colour scheme is.

Repainting the interior is often one of the first things someone does when they buy a new house.

But the intelligent use of colour in your business offers a lot more value than just the nice, feel-good factor.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that colour choice alters mood and productivity of employees and can affect the decision-making process of your customers.

 Here are some basic ideas for how colour can improve your business bottom line:
  • Green—a good restful, calming colour that tends to be easy on the eyes—especially important for people who are working long hours.
  • Blue—another calming colour but blues also encourage focus and productivity.
  • Yellow is the colour of optimism and sparkling creativity.
  • Red is ideal for situations where work can get a little physically demanding. Red has been shown to stimulate cardio-vascular performance and it also keys into strong emotions.

Obviously, you don’t necessarily want your entire office to be painted one colour but you can think about how you might combine these colours in your vinyl wall graphics to get the best out of your business space.

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Wall Graphics for SJA Sydney Client

You might not want to change the overall paint choice in your premises but clever use of colour details such as wall graphics can transform the energy of your workspace.

You might use a clear blue background for a panel that highlights your business values and philosophy.

Perhaps, a predominantly green forest scene for a calming effect in a medical centre waiting room is what you’re looking for.

Maybe lots of yellows will bring to life those inspirational messages designed to spark creativity in the office.

But however you look at them, custom vinyl wall graphics can change the way you do business.

Will Custom Wall Decals Damage the Wall?

Our specially formulated adhesive is designed to be as friendly as possible to existing paint work and surfaces but we cannot guarantee this because inferior paint jobs and unknown surfaces may have different durability qualities.

Please make sure you know what product your wall has been painted with, as some paints have Teflon in them and 'nothing sticks to Teflon'.

We can send you a sample product for you to place on wall to make sure the wall is suitable.

We do have a primer that can be painted over Teflon paint 2 weeks prior to installation of wall graphics.

Sealy Signs custom wall art graphics—the sign of things to come.

For an easy quote please send an image of your wall with dimensions and we will send you a detailed quote.

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Transform your car image from as little as $270 + gst

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Wall Graphics for Artico Sydney Client
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Sealy Signs - Bringing your Brand Ideas to Life


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