Frequently Asked Questions

Sealy signs warrants that each Avery Wrap Film will be free of the defects listed on our Warranty page and manufactured to the specifications described in the applicable Product Specifications or Product Bulletins in effect at the time of purchase.

See our Vehicles Warranty Terms & Conditions page here:

Vehicle Graphics Warranty

Knowing when the time is right to update a vehicle wrap can be crucial for cost savings and the welfare of your vehicle.

Most materials used at Sealy Signs are classified as removable films which means that the adhesive removes with the film rather than having to remove another layer of adhesive seperately

This removable technology has its lifespan and by removing your film within the lifespan you can be assured that it will be a quick cost efficient removal.

Uv deteriation is a key telling point.

Its important that your paint is in good condition prior to the wrap, pre-damaged or aged paint can be affected by the wrap on removal

Leaving a wrap on a vehicle for an extended period of time past our recommended removal stage can affect paint.