Ute Signage

Ute Signage and Wraps

Your work ute is one of your most useful assets.

But ute signage can transform your ute into so much more than just a large tool box on wheels.

Ute advertising is one of the most effective marketing tools available.

Spectacular hi-tech 3D graphics and eye-dazzling colours will make your company logo and message stand out in front of tens of thousands of potential customers every day.

And at Sealy Signs we have an amazing range of stunning ute signage ideas to reinforce your brand and get your message to where it’s needed.

Sealy Signs supply and install only the highest quality vinyl wraps and graphics to transform those bland, ugly, dead spaces on your ute including:

  • Cab wraps and dual cab wraps
  • Spot graphics for doors
  • Window graphics
  • Tray signage - sides and rear
  • Toolbox signage

Research proves that high quality eye-catching ute advertising offers better value per dollar than probably any other form of advertising.

Your company ute will reinforce your brand with a powerful visual message for tens of thousands of potential clients or customers 24/7.

After the initial one-off low installation cost your mobile advertising board is working for you for free.

Sealy Signs - Bringing your Brand Ideas to Life


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Signage for all types of trade Utes

Who Uses Ute Advertising?

Ute graphics or ute tray signage is the ideal way to promote brand recognition amongst your potential customers and is increasingly popular for:

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Builders
  • Engineers
  • Panel beaters
  • Surveyors
  • Painters/decorators
  • Vets
  • Nurseries

The list is endless. Ute advertising is perfect for any ute that needs to send a message about your business.

Ute wraps and graphics are also perfect for revitalising the appearance of tired looking paintwork.

And removal is straightforward allowing you to change your branding at any time.

At Sealy Signs we use only the highest quality products such as 3M, Avery, and Image Perfect.

These products are tough and are designed for Australia’s harsh climate including superior resistance to U.V.  and salt exposure.

At Sealy Signs we know that one size doesn’t fit all so we’ve put together a range of ute advertising ideas to suit differing needs and budgets.

Option 1

Signage for Utes - Cut vinyl graphics installed direct to tray

Cut Vinyl Graphics Installed Direct To The Tray

Digitally printed UV laminated graphics are installed directly onto the tray.

This is a cheaper minimalist option for tray signage.

It is a great way to send your message loud and clear against the simple background of your standard ute tray finish.

Option 2

Utility Signs - Full printed vinyl wrap installed direct to tray full coverage of tray

Full Printed Vinyl Wrap Installed Direct To Tray

(for full coverage of the tray)

The full vinyl wrap covers the entire tray surface to hide that that bland or tarnished aluminium tray look and giving your ute that super smart professional image.

Option 3

Utility Signs - Alu panel signs cut to fit between brackets require screwing into tray

Aluminium Panel Signs Cut To Fit Between Brackets

(require screwing into tray)

Aluminium composite panels (4mm thick) are screwed onto the tray panels providing a cheaper but highly effective option for tray signage.

Option 4

Signage for Utes - Alupanel full coverage mounted underneath brackets

Alupanel Full Coverage Mounted Underneath Brackets

(no screws through tray)

The aluminium panels cover the entire tray.

These can be fitted underneath brackets eliminating unsightly screws and eliminating that corrugated look from your tray.

 The flat surface and clean sleek appearance really allows your message to stand out.

Option 5

Ute Signage - Folded Colourbond full coverage mounted underneath brackets

Folded Colourbond Full Coverage

(mounted underneath brackets)

This is the most professional finish for tray signage.

Complete tray coverage creates a flat surface for signage with a smooth smart appearance.

The signage folds over the top edge of the tray hiding all screws and giving a clean appearance. 

Having no exposed edge at the top (folded) prevents dirt getting stuck between tray and sign.

It also reduces rattles and will not catch clothing etc when you are reaching in and out of the tray.

Tool Box

Ute Tool Box Signage

Ute Tool Box Wrap

Wraps direct to toolbox

Turn those ugly looking tool boxes into highly effective advertising spaces with high quality wraps.

We use durable polymeric or cast vinyl that is designed to last up to seven years in Australia’s tough climate - this includes superior U.V, salt, and petroleum resistance.

Ute Tool Box Signs

How Much Do Ute Signs Cost?

Ute signage is a very cost effective way to get your company message out there and we’ve priced these options to make sure you can find the right ute sign for your needs.

So, how much does it cost to wrap a ute?

Options Available


Option 1

from $300.00

Option 2

from $500.00

Option 3

from $250.00

Option 4

from $600.00

Option 5

from $700.00

Ute Tool Box Wrap

from $250.00

Our prices include supply and installation at the Sealy Signs customer installation centre.

Pricing is a guide only and does not include artwork or GST.

The final price will also depend on the complexity of the design and final layout.

Ute wraps work out at around $1 for every 1,000 people who notice your company message. Compare that to other forms of advertising.

Your ute will be seen tens of 1,000s of times every day making ute advertising the ultimate full-colour ad for your business.

Is there a cheaper way to add ute signage?

Yes, we can supply option 3, 4, and 5 signs for DIY installation giving you a cheaper alternative for your work ute.

You get the same outstanding quality of graphics, colour depth, and durability but you save money with the straightforward do it yourself installation.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about your ute losing precious on-road time because we can apply graphics and wraps at your business premises for real time-saving and money-saving convenience.

The signs are looking good

Sealy Signs are one of the top graphics design and sign installation companies in the Sydney region.

Our ute wraps and signs are guaranteed to last and are highly resistant to salt, U.V, and petroleum

With Sealy Signs the signs are all looking good for your business.

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