How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Boat?

Vinyl boat wraps offer an amazingly cost effective way to market a commercial brand with stunning visual colour imagery. With a Sealy Signs vinyl boat wrap, your boat will command attention both on the water and when it’s being towed on the road.

Boat Wraps and Signage Pricing

Research indicates that high quality company graphics on a boat will be viewed 100’s or 1,000’s of times each day. Boat wrap advertising is more effective and offers better value per impression than any other form of advertising.

The potential of boat wrap branding is enormous and your product or service doesn’t even have to be marine related – just think of Red Bull as one example.

Boat wraps are also an inexpensive way to make your new boat look stunning or to restore an older boat and enhance its resale value. Boat wraps are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than toxic marine paints.

How much do boat wraps cost

So how much does it cost to wrap a boat?

Of course, the size of the boat and how much of it you want wrapped play a large part in the cost.

We offer quarter, half, and full boat wraps as well as spot graphics but the final price will also be determined by the shape of the hull, the difficulty of installation, and the amount of graphics design work required.

Special finishes such as chrome or carbon also add to the cost.

Boat Wrap Price Guide

Here are some general price guides for trailer boats, these prices are for colour change wraps (using Avery supreme wrap), for custom printed or multiple colour wraps please inquire for custom pricing:

Boat Length Side Height Price Guide
12 – 16 foot No Higher than 700mm $800
16 – 20 foot No Higher than 700mm $1,000
16 – 20 foot Higher than 700mm $1,300
20 – 24 foot No Higher than 700mm $1,200
20 – 24 foot Higher than 700mm $1,400

Below are approximate prices for a single colour wrap (using Avery supreme wrap) for larger boats:

Boat Length Side Height Price Guide
24 – 29 foot No Higher than 700mm $1,800
30 – 35 foot No Higher than 700mm $2,700
35 – 40 foot No Higher than 1.35 metres $3,200
41 – 45 foot No Higher than 1.35 metres $4,100
Premium Boat Wrap

For boats longer than 45ft please contact us for a quote.

The above prices are based on flat plate sides from the waterline to the gunwale with no fixings.

Older boats may need preparation work such as cleaning, removing flaky paint, filling or removal of existing wraps or graphics.

We can do this for you at a very reasonable additional hourly rate. When requesting a quote please let us know if these services will be required.

Please inquire for an accurate quote to suit your boat’s make and model or to obtain custom pricing for cabin and above gunwale wrap.

Simply email us some photos of your boat and let us know how large an area you want wrapped and we’ll get back to you really promptly.

Pricing for Boat Wraps

Vinyl Boat Wraps

Our vinyl wraps are not restricted to trucks, we also do vehicles, motorbikes, utes, vans, cars, buses, trucks / marine crafts & horse floats

All wrap vinyls are made for marine conditions to withstand salt UV and petroleum.

We offer In house design and professional installation (qualified Avery Installer) so you can be assured your graphics will last.