Roofing Truck Wraps

Roofing Company Truck Wraps - Get your company on top

Everyone needs a roof over their heads.

But the question is who will they call to get the job done?

7 times out of 10 the roofing contractor with the most memorable and professional advertising is going to get the call.

And roofing company truck wraps are one of the most powerful ways to get potential customers to make that connection.

It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd of other roofing contractors because people only call a roofing contractor when they have a problem: they need a roof repaired, replaced, or a new instalment.

For most people roofing companies are not household names so you have to work hard to change that.

And the best and most cost-effective way to make people think of your company first is to install professional roofing company wraps on your trucks and company vehicles.

Company logo and contact details on the front sides and rear of your truck cabs

The No1 Way to Share Your Contact Details

Great advertising is about putting your contact details right in front of as many of your potential customer’s eyeballs as possible.

This is so important for a roofing company.

Ask anyone in the street to name 3 or 4 mobile phone companies and they’ll usually have no trouble doing that.

But try asking them to name 3 or 4 roofing companies—not so easy.

You want potential customers to think of your company first and foremost.

A truck wrap is the perfect mobile outdoor advertisement.

Roofing company truck wraps put your company name and contact details in front of 10s of 1,000s of potential customer eyeballs every single day.

Having your company logo and contact details on the front, sides and rear of your truck cabs and body highlight your company message for motorists and passersby alike.

Roofing company truck wraps increase your brand value

Roofing Company Truck Wraps Increase Your Brand Value

Research shows that between 60 and 70% of customers will make a decision about using a company based on the professionalism of their signage.

It’s probably cost a lot to create your logo and branding and that branding message says everything about your company.

People see your trucks on the road and those trucks are highly visible around building sites too.

Having spectacular branding on your company vehicles and being linked to yet another of your successful roofing projects is often better than a TV ad campaign.

The friendly experts at Sealy Signs can help you with all aspects of your design.

People see your trucks on the road and those trucks are highly visible around building sites too

But it’s hard to build customer belief in the professionalism of your company if you drive around town in a shabby old truck.

And it’s no different with your truck signage. Professionally designed and installed roofing company truck wraps make the difference.

Roofing truck wrap is the perfect mobile outdoor advertisement

What Are Some Design Ideas to Think About?

It’s important that your message is instantly recognizable.

You want people to instantly and indelibly associate your company colours, logo, and name with the best in the roofing business.

Think about how you can use roofing imagery to highlight what you do.

What makes your company stand out?

Is it safety, quality, cost?

What image or icon could you use to sum up those aspects of your business that make it special?

Branding on your company vehicles is often better than a TV ad campaign

With modern truck wraps you can use hi-impact, full-colour imagery across the entire surface of your truck.

It’s a good idea to think carefully about how you use colour and font types to really increase the penetration of your message as well.

Both colour and font send powerful subliminal messages to the reader.

For example, a ‘fun’ script such as Comic or Cooper black might seem too childish or flippant and not be taken seriously.

10 Mistakes to Avoid with Truck Wraps

Roofing company truck wraps are highly effective but there are some major mistakes you should avoid if you want your campaign to be really successful.

  • Putting too much unnecessary information–people won’t be able to take it all in
  • Your logos and company information are hidden by ladders, equipment and roofing materials when the truck is loaded up for a job—it defeats the purpose and looks shabby
  • Poor quality inks, materials, and installation – they won’t last
  • Installing wraps over badly damaged panels and flaking paintwork –may cause adhesion problems
  • Driving like an idiot in a company truck—if someone sees your truck being driven aggressively, dangerously or inconsiderately, are they going to use your company for their new roof?

Roofing contractor truck wraps are about presenting your professional image.

Making any of the above mistakes can have a big impact on people’s perceptions of your company.

Get it right and use a professional truck wrap installation company.

Sealy Signs will advise you on the best inks and materials for your requirements.

Our professional design team can help you showcase your own designs or do all the design for you.

We use only the best quality inks and materials and our expert installations are among the best in the business.

So call Sealy Signs for a truck wrap that puts your business on top.