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Boat Wraps

Vinyl wraps for boats are the ideal way to give your boat an eye-catching makeover.

Mind-blowing full colour boat vinyl wraps can completely transform your boat into a stand-out statement.

Whether you want to promote your business on the water with a premium quality brand statement or you want a seriously over the top look to impress your friends, boat vinyl wraps are the answer.

Boat wraps are a highly cost-effective way to refresh your boat’s image and it’s cheaper by far than re-painting your boat.

We use superior quality Avery or 3M vinyl wraps for outstanding durability, image quality, and colour brilliance.

With a Sealy Signs boat wrap you can make the most of your wildest creative inspiration or talk to our expert graphic designers if ideas are thin on the ground.

They can help you come up with the design of your dreams and advise on colour suitability.

Boat wraps are perfect for:

  • Boat Signage
  • Revitalising tired old paint finishes
  • Improving the resale value of your boat
  • Sponsor logos on racing boats

Sealy Signs can help you completely transform your boat’s image.

You’ll be amazed at the results and surprised by the low cost.

See our Boat Wraps Pricing Guide

Boat Wrap Designs

At Sealy signs we know how important your image is to you.

That’s why we take the time to get the design just right.

Commercial branding needs to display superior quality; after all it’s selling your business.

And that quality is important too even if you just want to showcase your personality or tidy up your boat before selling it.

The modern high quality materials and the superior printing processes and inks that we use give you an enormous range of creative possibilities but the design process is still critical to the final result.

When designing your boat vinyl wrap you need to think about colour durability and how the boat’s curves will affect your imagery.

You need to realise that certain colours and finishes will not last as well as others even with the highest quality inks and vinyl. 

As part of the design process we will advise you on colour choice and show you how we can use the boat’s natural curves to find the ideal image placement.

We offer quarter, half, and full wraps. We can wrap just the cabin and we can even wrap your trailer too.

You tell us what you need and we’ll design your ideal boat wrap for you.

We can also cleverly incorporate your boat rego and boat name into the design while still meeting government requirements.

Yes, there are rules about displaying your boat rego but we can advise you on that too.

We can work with your artwork or completely custom design something for you; it’s up to you.

See our Boat Wraps Pricing Guide

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Mind-blowing full colour boat vinyl wraps can completely transform your boat into a stand-out statement.

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How Long Will A Boat Vinyl Wrap Last?

Design, Print and Install Boat Graphics

Custom Design Wraps for Boats

How long a vinyl boat wrap will last is a little like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’

The durability of your boat wrap depends on a number of factors:

  • The quality of the materials used - we use only industry leading materials such as Avery 1105 Gloss UV Laminated, Avery supreme wrap or 3M 1080c vinyl.
  • Surface preparation - a clean gloss surface is essential for optimal results. Cleaning, the removal of flaky paint, filling and priming may be required prior to wrapping. Send through some images of your boat and we’ll let you know what preparation is required.
  • Maintenance and storage conditions - salt water and reflected U.V creates a pretty harsh environment for any material - if your boat is moored permanently in the sea the wrap will not last as long as on a boat that is stored on dry land.
  • Colour and special effects choice - some colours and special effects are not as durable even with the highest quality products and processes on the market.

We seal all edges exposed to salt water with a dedicated 3M salt water sealant.

We’ll also seal high wearing areas such chime, bow and gunwale edges to reduce the risk of edges lifting.

Sealy Signs’ boat wraps are designed to last and to keep your boat looking its best.

Obviously, the way you clean your boat (or if you clean your boat) also makes a difference to the durability of any vinyl product.

The good news is that vinyl wraps make cleaning your boat a real pleasure and salt, oils, bait, and anything else will usually slide off really easily with soap and water.

Purchase one of our Avery cleaning kits or just use a standard car wash backed with a Carnauba wax for the best results.

We’ve been wrapping boats, trailers, cars, trucks and everything in between for a long time.

Our experience and expertise combined with the top of the range materials and printing processes will ensure your boat wrap will last a very long time.

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Full vinyl boat wraps are a cheaper, more effective and environmentally friendly way to renew or change your boat’s colour scheme.

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How Do You Wrap A Boat?

Wrap being applied to Moored boat

Full Vinyl Wrap for Boats

Trailer boats: we can install trailer boat wraps on the trailer but we do require the boat undercover for installation.

Moored boats: Moored boats require lifting from the water and need to be undercover for installation.

We partner with facilities on Sydney Harbour and the Hawkesbury River.

Talk to us and we’ll recommend the best boat lifting option for you.

When requesting a quote please specify boat make and model and required coverage or email through an image of your boat.

Removal of existing graphics can be arranged at an hourly rate.

Please let us know prior to installation so we can allow extra time to remove any existing boat graphics or wraps.

Sealy Signs we can transform your boat with a high quality vinyl wrap and it’s much cheaper than you think. Find out more here.

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Sealy Signs - Bringing your Brand Ideas to Life


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Service Locations - Sealy Signs are located in Sydney, NSW and service areas throughout Sydney including, Sydney CBD, Blacktown, Sutherland Shire, Fairfield, Bankstown, Liverpool, Hills Shire, Parramatta, and the Central Coast.

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